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Madelyn is an accomplished multi-genre writer (well, for a young person).

Her fiction and poetry have been published in the 12th Street Journal .

(Click the titles below to read!)

Her original screenplay Georgie Brennan Saves the World  was a Voice/Over Finalist (2017).

Her stage play To Save A Rose garnered a Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Medal (2013) as well as a

National YoungArts Honorable Mention Award (2014).

Short/Flash Fiction

MOH phot.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.38.37
Two PoemS:
CHildren of lir/
Old News


Found Poem

Two of my poems “Children of Lir” and “O

Found Poem


Madelyn has a separate website for self-published pieces: a curation of

poetry, odes, elegies, and op-eds, all accompanied by original portrait photography and audio narration for accessibility!

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