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​éist - my debut album

My new album with Cullen Vance is out now wherever you get your music! If you would like to support us more directly AND receive an exclusive 30 page album liner complete with lyrics, translations, our research, stories, and photos, you can purchase the album on Bandcamp for $8 USD. We so appreciate your support! Grá mór!

Click the image to listen on Spotify!
 I recently starred as shy and ditzy farm girl Charlie O'Malley in the new musical comedy "Bingo Queen"by TV icon John Burstein and directed by Chris Clavelli
at the beautiful, historic Camden Opera House in Camden, Maine!
I am a featured singer and co-writer on track #9 "Follow the King" off of Ben Gold's sophomore album with Armada Music, "Rest of Our Lives". The album came out in June 2022 and has already surpassed 1 million streams! 

Our track combines Sean-nós with EDM/Trance music
(the combo you never knew you needed!)
Click the image to listen!
"Molly na gCuach Ní Chuilleanáin"

This is mine and Cullen Vance's first single off the album, our take on a traditional Irish song in the Irish language. Every stream, save, and follow helps us as independent artists! We so appreciate your support!

Click the image to listen!

Multi-instrumentalist Cullen Vance and I teamed up for this St. Patrick's Day collaboration, a teaser of our upcoming single "Molly na gCuach Ní Chuilleanáin", our take on the traditional Irish language song. 
It was an honor to be a featured performer/speaker on this salon alongside these fascinating Irish and Irish-American artists and presenters. Producer Siobhán Ní Chiobháin interviewed me and also edited my segment, which starts at 56:43. Thank you to Gaeil Nua Eabhrac, Irish American Writers & Artists, & The Origin Theatre Company for producing such a special event. 
I loved being a guest on MALINDA's YouTube channel to teach/demonstrate
Sean-nós (Irish traditional singing) and chat about our shared musical heritage!
This recording of the old traditional song "Bonny Portmore" was commissioned by County Hall Arts of London and arranged by
Irish cellist/musician (and TikTok sensation) Patrick Dexter.
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